Friday, November 21, 2008


Trigonometryは、三角法を用いて、建物の高さを計測するiPhone/iPod touch用のツールです。


Trigonometry : 115円

Trigon Limited : 無料

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eboxgj said...

Hello. I'm from California, USA. Your Trigonometry app is great. I downloaded it, and it works well and is fun to use. Thanks for making it! If you make other apps whose names and themes appeal to wider audiences in the USA, I think they would also be great and become very popular! Call one "HeightFinder" and make the app's graphics and theme look technical. Another app could be similar to your whimsical fun format in "Trigonometry" but maybe name it "HowTall?"
Anyway just some of my thoughts about your great program!
Let me know if you have any questions on my comments, I am a science student and know trigonometry too and calculus and some graphic design if you would like to collaborate, I would love to help. See Ya.