Thursday, December 4, 2008

ToFU Editor:Text Editor with Copy&Paste for iPhone/iPodTouch

ToFU Editor is a Text Editor for iPhone/iPod touch corresponding to copy & paste.
2009/01/20,Ver2.0 released.

->Explanation of usage

It supports landscape mode and portrait mode.
The screen font size can be dynamically changed.
Five files can be edited at the same time.
To switch the current file,using right and left flick.
Invert screen(Black/White)(ver1.1)

It can operate as a simple Web server, and the text be inspected from PC.

The text file can be acquired from external Web.
It is possible to display by parsing HTML.


ToFU Editor :$1.99

FU Editor :Free(A free version of the function limitation)


Bush -- not related said...

Hoy, like ToFu very much, bought it last night after a mere 10 minutes with Fu-edit (thanks for the demo option!).

One problem is I desperately need a manual or some sort of description of what the various capabilities are. I've figured out most aspects but don't know how to get documents INTO the app so that I don't have to create entire web pages on my iPod Touch.

Thank you!

Bush -- not related said...

A followup: I figured out that folders with spaces in the name will NOT serve their contents via the ToFU doc server function.

Just an example of one of the things documentation would explain...

Sure sure would love a way to get docs INTO ToFU.

redodayo said...

1。文字の大きさが tofu editorをlaunchする毎にdefaultの大きさになります。fixする settingがあったらいいと思います。

Bush -- not related said...

このプログラムは、ファイルのアップロードは非常にきれい。は、 iPodやiPhoneにはファイルのダウンロードを許可して、私が見た限りで言うことができますどのようなものではありません。


Greg Jalbert said...

I would like to show you my edited version of your English documentation page that you have at . I've cleaned up the CSS and HTML formatting so it looks really good on the iPod touch and iPhone. Perhaps you'd like to use it for your customers? I think this is a great full-featured program, but still has a few rough edges. I hope you are working on a new version. Contact me at software (at) imaja (dot) com.

Greg Jalbert said...

Bug report: While running the Document Server of the ToFU Editor, if a file has an unknown Encode type, then it doesn't appear in the ToFU Editor Documents page in the web browser on my desktop Mac OS X machine.

wori said...


M.I.Sothier said...


sothier at
(at → @ でお願いします)



apc said...

Great editor. A few comments:
First, a typo on your settings page, I think. Do you mean "Use Grobal Connect" or "Use Global Connect" I don't know what Grobal means.

Also, I miss the feature in the FU editor where you can point to a place in the text, touch the scissors, and it will say "Select Start" then click later and can choose cut or copy. That is *much* nicer than the standard iphone/ipod method. You could just add it as an option to the Paste, Web Services... choices.

Also the 'use triple tap' and 'use two fingers tap' seem to be missing from TOFU but in FU.

Can you explain Make QRCode somewhere?


apc said...

Feature request: Can you add a close document feature so that you don't accidentally modify a document that you are done with? (Or is the feature already available and I have not seen it?)

M.I.Sothier said...

Thank you for the point to ToFUEditor.

>Use Global Connect

I'll correct this by the next release.

>feature in the FU editor
>copy/paste method
>triple tap
>two fingers tap

As for these operations, detection has become difficult in OS3.0.
Therefore, it is not possible to correspond at present.

I am sorry.

>Can you explain Make QRCode somewhere?

This function can be used from the clipboard screen.
Data can be handed over to the cellular phone corresponding to QRCode.

>a close document feature

Please use the leftmost icon(new file) of the edit screen for closing a file.
You can select whether to save a present file or not.

apc said...

Thanks, new page does do the close nicely.

I have an iPod touch, so I guess the QRCode does not apply, right?

The copy/paste method still works in my copy of FU editor in OS 3.0. Would it not be possible to introduce that feature as well into TOFU (e.g., when the user clicks on the scissors, add an option to set starting point of cut)?

Alex Conn said...

Feature request: provide a simple option to require a pin/password to access TOFU contents. (It should work similar to GoodReader). That way I can be editing sensitive information and somebody can't grab the iPod/iPhone and easy read the information.

Hiroyuki said...